19 New Year’s Resolutions Para Makaipon sa 2019

New Year, New Me—ika nga ng mga Pinoy tuwing magba-Bagong Taon. And indeed, there’s no better time to set new goals than the beginning of a new year. Sa pagtatapos ng Holidays (and Holiday gastos), you can now start fresh and focus on improving yourself, including making smarter money moves ngayong 2019.

Ito ang mga goals na puwede mong isama sa 2019 resolutions list mo, para makapag-save ka ng mas malaki pa this coming year.

1. Educate yourself

Ang lahat ay napag-aaralan, including how to be financially healthy! Read a book, mag-Google, ask family or friends, and even consult with a financial expert. Basta make sure to learn about money-saving strategies na puwede kang tulungan in the long run.

2. Mag-budget

Control and monitor your spending with a realistic budget (tandaan: realistic). That means giving room for both your basic needs and unexpected expenses. Hindi naman puwedeng wala kang luho at all. And of course, stick to your budget!

3. Assess your habits

Look at your current spending patterns and see what you’ve been doing right and wrong. You have to learn how to spend your money on things that matter the most. Kailangan mo ba talaga mag-shopping for a new outfit kada suweldo, o mas importanteng mabayaran muna ang bills mo?

4. Break wasteful habits one by one

Habang ginagawa ang assessment mo, mapupuna mo rin ang mga expenses na panira sa budget mo—sometimes it’s the seemingly irrelevant ones like buying pricey coffee every day that’s making the largest dents. Kape, kape para kabahan ka naman sa daily expenses mo!

5. Iwasan ang impulse buying

How many times have you told yourself “Sayang naman kung di ko bibilhin, baka mawala pa yung discount” when you go shopping? Unplanned purchases are reasonable, but when you find yourself saying this every time, it’s a habit. Magdalawang-isip sa mga gusto mong panggastusan. Start by bringing just cash or withdrawing only what you need for the week.

Think long and hard before you spend money impulsively. Ganito isipin mo ‘pag may sale kang madaanan: you’re not saving 30% dahil sa discount, you’re spending 70% on something na hindi mo naman kailangan.

6. Reduce spending where applicable

While you must spend on basic needs, you can still find a way to save and spend less on them. For instance, start comparing prices of the food you often buy. Kung makakahanap ka ng mas mura pero good quality naman na alternative, then go for it.

Parang sa pag-drive ng kotse o pag-commute—walk or bike instead if possible. Ang mahal ng pamasahe sa tricycle, baka puwede mo nang lakarin. If you do have to go somewhere far, opt for the low-cost petrol or carpool wherever possible.

7. Pay yourself first (saving before spending)

Para sa marami, kung magkano man ang matira after gumastos, ‘yun na lang ang mapupunta sa savings. But, you can try a different approach if you really want to save more—mag-set aside muna ng pera for your savings, then use the rest for your expenses.

Ang mahalaga ay mag-set ng realistic amount for savings. Ang maliit na amount na natipid sa isang buwan ay malaking bagay na rin para sa kinabukasan. Naks, ‘di ba!

8. Work, work, work!

Palakihin ang iyong kita by taking in extra jobs that you can do on the side, like doing a freelance gig, reselling old stuff, or being crafty. Sometimes, kaysa magtipid lang nang magtipid, you can also look for additional sources of income para makapag-save.

9. No gastos-day

Commit one day (or week, if possible) in a week or month to not spend on anything at all. For example, if it’s a weekend, then huwag ka nang gumala. Just eat whatever’s in your fridge or pantry, so you don’t spend for one day.

10. Huwag pairalin ang inggit

Inggit much? Malamang dahil feeling mo other people have it better than you based on what they post on social media. FOMO is real; pero kung palagi kang magpapa-fall, ikaw ang malalagot. You and your paycheck will suffer trying to keep up with what’s cool or trending. Makuntento sa kung anong meron ka ngayon.

11. Learn how to utilize rewards and points

Have those reward cards from your suki establishments? Loyalty points can be converted to discounts or free items that you can enjoy if you want to cut down spending. Baka naman ipon ka nang ipon ng points, hindi mo naman nire-redeem. Start reviewing your reward card programs now, and see what you can get out of your points. Baka puwede mong i-convert to bills payment para sa necessities mapunta.

12. Bayaran ang bills as soon as it comes in

Aside from being a responsibility, paying bills on time can avoid a multitude of other problems, tulad ng additional fees o bad credit score.

13. Pay off loans

Paying off loans is also a responsibility, alam mo ‘yan. Hindi naman sa tubig nilista ang utang mo sa credit card. Start with the debt that has a high interest rate, then take care of the others with low interest. This can qualify you for other loans and potential financial opportunities, para next time ‘pag may emergency ka, puwede kang umutang ng mas malaki.

14. Umutang lang ng halagang kayang bayaran

Just because you’re qualified to get a loan, doesn’t mean you should. Keep in mind that while you’re paying off the debt, you also have other expenses to take care of. Baka mabaon ka naman sa utang!

15. Learn how to automate payments and savings

Automating means automatically placing part of your income and/or having any of your bills charged into your savings or bank account. Automating can help you start saving in no time and avoid any late bill payments.

Ang late na pagbabayad ng madalas ay pwedeng mag-resulta sa malaking patong sa singil, and may even impact your credit score and debt repayment plan. With automation, you only need to make sure that you have enough money in the account to cover the bills.

16. Maintain a healthy credit

Parang sa school lang ito: kapag mataas ang score mo sa exam, mataas din ang grade mo. ‘Pag mataas ang grade mo at hindi ka pumapalya sa attendance, favorite ka ni teacher!

Improve your credit score for positive financial health by learning how to read your credit report, knowing the factors behind a good score (payment history can be the most influential), and how each element affects your creditworthiness. A good credit score will help you save on interest rates or insurance premiums.

17. Be ready for emergencies

Unexpected spending will significantly affect your budget (and even put you in debt), so if you don’t include it in the first place, you’re in trouble. Kung wala kang emergency fund, paano na pag nagkasakit ka or isa sa pamilya mo?

18. Start investing

Kung gusto mo namang makapag-ipon ng mas malaki at palawakin pa ang ‘yong naipon, consider investments now. A good plan is one that’s a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash that you’re comfortable to invest. Make sure that it’s aligned with your long-term goals, risk tolerance, and time frame, tapos i-adjust mo sa current life situation mo.

19. Plan for the future today

Lahat tayo ay dadating sa retirement age, and it’s best to prepare for it now. Save enough and open a retirement account today. Palaguin ito, and have enough to survive your golden years. Para naman ‘pag matanda ka na, you’ll have a comfortable life. Baka-bakasyon na lang.

With these suggestions, you’re now all set to claim 2019 as the year you release yourself from financial burden. Pero, hindi sa lahat ng oras ay nakakaluluwag ka. May mga times na kailangan mo ng extra money. Buti na lang, may online loans na! Cashalo will be here to assist you fast—with its easy application and quick approval.

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