3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Without Throwing a Huge Party

Parents have the same goal of giving the best things to their children, especially during special occasions such as birthdays. As a parent, you want to make your kid’s birthday extra special, and you know there’s nothing more that can make your child happy than having a birthday party filled with his or her favorite food, costume, gifts, toys, and friends—to mention a few. This long list of birthday party essentials means you’ll be spending precious money, which doesn’t seem practical (or affordable) if you’re on a tight budget.

But a birthday celebration for your kid doesn’t have to be too grand and impossible to achieve without going over the budget. You just need to have good foresight and planning skills!

It might be a good idea to hit up your loan app in case you’ll be needing some extra cash to celebrate the event. A little creativity can go a long way too! Think of alternatives on how to treat your child to a fun-filled celebration without throwing a huge birthday party. Here are some ideas that your child will surely love:

1. Skip the Pricey Party Package—Do these instead:

  • Go for a Picnic

Source: La Mesa Eco Park

Go for a free or low-cost venue like a public park and have a picnic with your kids! Invite a few cousins and close friends of your child to make the experience more spectacular.

There’s Rizal Park, Quezon Memorial Circle, or La Mesa Eco Park. Aside from being some of the most popular, accessible, and affordable parks in Metro Manila, these sites feature playgrounds and different activity options at almost zero-cost. Don’t forget to bring packed meals and tumblers filled with water.

  • Host a Children’s Mini Film or Cartoon Fest

Organize a day of movie viewing at home for your child and his or her friends. Turn your living room into a theater! Place bean bags, foldable chairs, or kiddie stools where the “audience” can sit back while snacking and watching their favorite kiddie shows and movies.

Then set up your TV and round up every children’s movie you have. You can let them watch their favorite cartoon series, too. If you’re subscribed to a video streaming platform, be sure to set up parental controls to filter adult content.

Here comes the best part: Treat the children to unlimited popcorn, fries, or hotdog! Your kids and their friends will surely enjoy a day filled with wholesome entertainment and snacks. You can even turn this into a sleepover or pajama party!

  • Host Game Day at Home

Source: Children International

Prepare children’s board games or download kiddie game apps on your tablet or smartphone and host game day for your kid and their pals. Alternatively, you could go for traditional Filipino games that you played growing up, such as piko (hopscotch), sungka (Philippine mancala game), and patintero (a variation of the game of tag), among others. It’s a good chance to for you to encourage your child to engage in physical activities and experience old, local games in a fun, engaging way. Prepare cool prizes so the children can look forward to some form of reward at the end of each game.

2. Skip the CateringDo these instead:

  • Prepare Your Own Food

Cook and prepare your own food. Serve a simple lunch, merienda, or dinner in colorful kiddie paper plates to make the meals more attractive for your young guests.

  • Go for Bilao

Source: Trip Advisor

Birthdays won’t be complete without spaghetti or pancit. Aside from symbolizing long life, pasta or noodle dishes are sure to delight your children without distressing your wallet. Order party trays from restaurants or fast food stores and choose the size you want or need depending on your budget and number of guests.

  • Build a Tower of Donuts or Cupcakes

Create a look of a towering birthday cake with your kid’s most requested donuts or cupcakes layered on top of each other. Place some birthday candles on top of the bunch. Not only will your donut or cupcake tower look good on camera, but it will taste as yummy as any expensive cake.

  • Bake Your Own Pizza Bread

Source: Two Bite Club

Put your handy oven toaster at home to good use by “baking” pizza on bread slices, buns, or rolls. Hawaiian pizza, pepperoni pizza, or cheese pizza—any of these flavors will be a hit among the children!

3. Skip Made-to-Order Invitations, Souvenirs, and Decorations—Do these instead:

  • Write a Personal Note

Help your kid write personalized invites for the upcoming birthday celebration. Whether you’re going for a DIY artwork or buying a simple invitation card from the bookstore, the note should include the date, time, venue, and lineup of activities for the day.

  • Place Birthday Banners

Source: Exacerbal

Make a birthday banner with your child’s photos glued on colored paper and cut out letters of a Happy Birthday greeting on the background. Help your child’s friends write their birthday wishes on the banner, and keep it as souvenir that your child can read during or after the celebration.

Party Pooper or Giver of Joy?

It’s true that kids will be kids only once and that they shouldn’t be deprived of enjoying good things, such as birthday parties. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go all-out in celebrating the event. Even without a lavish party, you can still give them a birthday celebration that’s fun and memorable enough to put a smile on their face. In the years to come, they’ll look back on that special day and remember the effort their parents made just to make them the happiest kid on earth on their special day.

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