8 Money Tips for Merry -Ber Months

It’s official! Ber months are here, and we’re counting down to Christmas. You start hearing Jose Mari Chan’s enduring Christmas melodies—yes, the four-month-long (five, if you include the whole month of January) Christmas celebration in the Philippines is in full swing. For most of us, it could also mean that  it’s time to buckle up and save up.

Here are some money-saving tips to prep you up for the Holidays and make the most out of your merriment without breaking the bank.


1. Make your list and canvass for gifts early

To make sure you don’t leave out anyone (not that you have to give to everyone), make a list of the people you’ll be giving presents to, what you plan to give, and your budget for each person. Not only will this list be a gifting guide for you, but it will also stop you from going broke and keep your budget within bounds. This also keeps you in the loop of whose gifts you have bought so far.

Even before the holiday season, start looking and buying those gifts. Take advantage of the many promos that will happen both in offline and online stores, like Lazada’s 11/11 and 12/12 and the Robinsons midnight sales. Doing your shopping early on gives you more time to compare prices, find where to get a better deal, and ultimately cut your spending.

2. Save early and effectively

One of the ways you can save effectively for the Holidays is to make a budget and stick with it. Each month before the holiday season, put a specific amount away for your Christmas spendings from your income. The Christmas budget should not exceed your allocated amount for other more essential expenditures like investments and bills payment.

When deciding on the budget, look into your cash flow and individual needs, including projected expenses.

3. Schedule your spending

It may be tempting to purchase everything in one go, preferably once you receive your 13th-month pay, but it’s not really a smart move (especially considering the holiday rush). Spread out your expenditures over the last three months. You get to avoid the rush and have enough money to survive until all the craziness has waned away.

4. Shop at bazaars

You’ll never know what you can find on your friendly-neighborhood fairs. These are excellent places to find unique gift ideas including eco-friendly items and proudly Filipino-made products. You’re also supporting small businesses, to boot.

Plus, the items aren’t as expensive as those you’ll find in malls. Aside from bazaars, do check out the bargains at known locations like Greenhills Shopping Center, Divisoria, or Baclaran.

5. Use rebates or points

Credit cards or membership cards offer discounts and frequent user points that are as good as cash. You may either claim the rewards provided by the company or use the points to purchase other stuff, thus cutting down expenses. Your credit card company may also be giving promotions on particular items that you can buy at a low cost or a 0% interest rate.

6. Give gifts to groups

If you’re pressed for time or money, you can just go for a group gift instead of individual ones. A communal gift, perhaps a dinner treat for your family or office friends, is an inexpensive way to thank everyone for being part of your year.

7. Or, give to just one person

If you don’t have the money to get everyone gits, you don’t necessarily have to. However, if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, you can participate in a Secret Santa/Monito-Monita with your friends or officemates. People don’t often have high expectations when it comes to Secret Santa gifts, but having just one recipient will allow you to get one meaningful gift that’s within your budget.

8. Reuse and recycle

The last cutback tip involves holiday decorations. Don’t be tempted to buy new ones just because you got your bonus. A Christmas tree can always be used again and given new life with different ornaments. As for other decorations, you can find new ways to put it up. If you’re ready to put them away for good, you can always recycle them into something new, like non-traditional packaging.



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