1. The Cashalo Member-Get-Member Promotion (referred to as “Promo”) will run from September 6 to October 10, 2019 (the “Promo Period”)
  2. Cashalo users (referred to as “Referrer”) will get rewards for referrals made within the promo period. Referred friends who register through a referral link sent by the Referrer (“Referrals”) will get PHP50 when their first loan application is approved.
  3. The rewards are as follows:

Reward 1

P50.00 when you make your first referral to Cashalo!

You will receive the First Referral Cash Reward of P50 if your first referral applies

for his or her first Cashalo loan during the Promo Period.

Reward 2

Enjoy cash rewards of up to P200 for every referral!

Your reward per referral*

1st to 30th referral


31st to 60th referral


61st and  more


Only referrals who are 1st time borrowers will be considered.


  1. The First Referral Cash Reward is open to all Cashalo registered users who meet the following criteria:
    • Who make a referral for the first time
    • Whose referral applies for a loan using the Cashalo App
    • To qualify for the Reward:
      • The Referrer needs to refer by following these steps:
        • Step 1: Click on the app homepage banner.
        • Step 2: Share the unique invitation link through any of the following methods in the app:
          • SMS
          • Messenger
          • Viber
          • Facebook
          • Email
        • Step 3: Select friends from your contact list to send the link to.
        • Step 4: Go to your profile page in the app to check your list of referred friends.
      • The Referral must apply for a Cashalo product during the Promo Period, using the unique invitation link provided by the Referrer. The eligible Cashalo products are:
        1. CashaLoan
        2. CashaQuick
        3. CashaCart – Shop now at partner merchants and pay in installment
        4. Pay with Cashalo
          1. Pay via QR in partner merchants
          2. Fly Now and Pay Later
  2. The Referrer will automatically receive the First Referral Reward of P50.00 after fifteen (15) business days from application date of the Referral.
  3. The Referrer will also get Cash Rewards for every approved referral made within the Promo Period. An approved referral is a referral whose first loan application is approved within the Promo Period.
  4. After the 30th approved referral, the Referrer will receive P180.00 for every succeeding Referral approved of his or her first loan.
  5. After the 60th referral, the Referrer will receive P200.00 for every succeeding Referral approved of his or her first loan.
  6. The Cash Rewards will be accumulated and directly deposited to the bank account registered on the Cashalo App on the 15th or 30th of the month.
  7. The Referrer will be notified once cash rewards have been disbursed to the account via SMS. He will receive the message from CASHALO “Hello <User Name> Cashalo has transferred <reward amount> from your reward account to your bank account. For more details, please go to: Cashalo App > Me > Rewards Account. Thank you!.”
  8. Cash rewards are non-transferrable.
  9. If the Referrer has a loan application that is rejected within the Promo Period, he/she will be disqualified from the joining promo.
  10. The Referrer will only be able to access ‘Invite Your Friends’ button again once disqualification has been lifted. Disqualification shall be lifted 30 days after the loan application was rejected.
  11. In case of dispute, the decision of Oriente Express Techsystem Corporation with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.


Promo runs from September 6, 2019 to October 10, 2019.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 15132 Series of 2019.