1. The Cashalo Chatime Promotion (referred to as “Promo”) will run from May 17 to August 31, 2019 (the “Promo Period”).
  2. Cashalo users (referred to as “Referrer”) will get a Chatime eGift (Referred to as “Reward”) for first successful referrals made within the Promo Period.
  3. A Successful Referral is defined as a person who downloads the Cashalo App through the invite link sent by the Referrer and subsequently registers for an account and applies for a loan using the Cashalo App.
  4. The promo is open to all Cashalo registered users. Registration can happen during the promotion period.
  5. To qualify for the Reward:
    • The Referrer needs to refer by following these steps:
      • Step 1: Click on the app homepage banner.
      • Step 2: Share the unique invitation link through any of the following methods in the app:
        • SMS
        • Messenger
        • Viber
        • Facebook
        • Email
      • Step 3: Select friends from your contact list to send the link to.
      • Step 4: Go to your profile page in the app to check your list of referred friends
    • The friend referred by the Referrer (“Referral”) must apply for a loan using Cashalo during the Promo Period, using the unique invitation link provided by the Referrer.
  6. The qualified Referrer will automatically receive his/her eGift code from Giftaway after five (5) business days from application date of referred friend.  
    • First SMS: Hello Kasalo! Cashalo Rewards sent 1 eGift (P100) for Chatime. Please open link or email for help.
    • The link will contain the eGift code.
    • Second SMS: Your Chatime eGift code for P100 is XXXX-XXXX. Please present this to the manager at any of the participating Chatime locations.
  7. The qualified Referrer must present the eGift code SMS at any Chatime store nationwide to redeem. There is no expiration date for the eGift code. Redemptions without the eGift code and SMS will not be honored. To redeem, the qualified Referrer must inform the Chatime personnel the intent to use the eGift code prior to order placement.
  8. If the amount purchased is less than the eGift code, the full amount in the eGift will be used.
  9. The terms and conditions of the eGift code apply:
    • The eGift code must be given to the manager (for validation) before using it for purchase at the location.
    • The eGift may not be valid for use on sale or certain promotional items/ services.
    • The eGift cannot be exchanged for cash.
    • The eGift is for one-time use only. If the total value of the eGift is used up, there will be no cash exchange.
    • eGift is not valid for delivery.
  10. In case of dispute, the decision of Oriente Express Techsystem Corporation with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.
  11. Oriente Express Techsystem Corporation is authorized to give necessary information to its third party contractor or agent to perform or complete the redemption process of Chatime eGift codes.

Promo runs from May 17 to June 16, 2019, extended until August 31, 2019 as approved by DTI-FTEB.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9133, Series of 2019.