• The Cashalo P100 Coupon for Cash Loans Promotion (referred to as “Promo”) will run from January 1 to February 15, 2020 (the “Promo Period”). The Redemption Period is from January 1 to December 31, 2020 (the “Redemption Period”).
  • The Promo is open to all new and existing Cashalo registered users (“Cashalo Users”) who apply for their first cash loan during the promo period.
  • Eligible Cashalo Users will get a CashaDeals coupon worth P100 when they apply for their first cash loan, and subsequently get approved within the Promo Period.
  • To qualify:
    1. Step 1: Login the Cashalo App or sign up for a Cashalo account
    2. Step 2: Apply for a cash loan by following these steps:
      1. From home screen, underneath Cashaloan tap Apply Now​
      2. To begin Cashaloan application tap Go to Add User Profile ​
      3. Once clicked a popup will appear, to begin application process tap Ok! Start!
      4. Complete the application process by providing the necessary information.
      5. Once complete, Click Agree to the Terms & Conditions of Pre-Approval & Data Privacy Consent
      6. Receive notification that profile has been submitted.​
      7. ​Receive approval result via SMS within 3-4 hours​
      8. ​Once approved, user will receive discount voucher for CashaDeals on the disbursement date corresponding to their cut-off date (see Redemption Mechanics below).


  • The P100 CashaDeals coupon will be available on the “My Coupons” tab on the Me Page of the Cashalo App once cash loan application has been approved.
  • Disbursement of coupons will be every 15th and 30th of each month with cut-off dates as follows:
Cut-off Date Disbursement Date
15th of the month 20th of the month
30th of the month 5th of the succeeding month
  • User will be notified via push notification when coupon has been disbursed into the coupon wallet
  • To use the coupon, the user must activate PayLater on the Cashalo App.
  • To activate PayLater:
    1. From the home screen, tap PayLater​
    2. Tap Activate PayLater​
    3. Enter your Personal Information​
    4. Take a selfie​
    5. Accept the Terms and Conditions​
    6. Once your credit limit is activated, tap Done
  • To use the P100 CashaDeals coupon:
    1. Once PayLater is activated, scroll down until you see Cashadeals​
    2. Tap the banner​
    3. Tap Buy Deals Now
    4. Scroll down to see all available e-vouchers​
    5. Tap your desired e-voucher
    6. Tap Buy Now​
    7. Tap the checkbox button to agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy​
    8. Tap Place Order
    9. Tap Coupon select coupon for CashaDeals discount​
    10. Tap Pay with Credit Limit
    11. You will receive your e-voucher via SMS​
  • The P100 CashaDeals coupon may be redeemed until December 31, 2020.
  • In case of dispute, the decision of Oriente Express Techsystem Corporation with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.


Promo runs from January 1 to February 15, 2020. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-24747 Series of 2019.