10 Expert Tips for Your First Solo Backpacking Trip

Venturing on your first solo backpacking trip can be a unique and stimulating adventure, but it can also be daunting. The moment you land on your destination, you’ll feel a rush of emotions that put your nerves on edge. But that’s what makes it even more exciting.

Indeed, solo traveling pushes you out of your comfort zone and broadens your perspective. It also lets you exercise your independence while you get to know yourself on a deeper level. While it’s fun to explore foreign locations without having to wait for someone, it can also be quite lonely and scary to face new challenges on your own, especially when you’re on unfamiliar ground.

But with enough planning and preparation, you can make your first solo backpacking trip one for the books. Here are 10 tips you need to get the most out of your solo trip.


  1. Prepare a solid plan but be open to spontaneity. Before anything else, make sure that you know how to get to your destination safely. It also helps to have a well-thought-out itinerary that lists all the places you want to visit and activities you want to do, with instructions on how to get there. In case it doesn’t go according to plan, just go with the flow and embrace the spontaneities that come your way.
  1. Research about your destination. There are places where you have to observe the appropriate dress code and behavior. Research about available resorts, hotels or Airbnbs in the area. It’s important that you educate yourself about your destination’s practices, culture, and way of living so you don’t draw attention to yourself or offend anyone in any way. 
  1. Be ready to feel alone. Solo travel will keep you more in touch with yourself, but it can also make you feel more alone at times. This is where you’ll develop your self-confidence and learn to trust your guts. But most of all, this is the time where you’ll start to love and enjoy your own company. Plus, it’s an opportunity to venture into the open world and meet new people!
  1. Be physically fit. When traveling, you’ll find yourself walking a lot and getting into physical activities. Being physically fit isn’t necessarily a requirement, but it can help you move faster and keep up with your busy itinerary.
  1. Get off the beaten track. Sure, it’s nice to follow the footsteps of others and head to popular destinations. However, heading to less traveled roads could be where you can really test your solo traveling skills. This also lets you discover new places that aren’t too crowded yet.
  1. Pack as light as you can. Do you need five sets of outfits or would you do just fine repeating some pieces of clothing? Packing light allows you to move freely. Bring only the things you need and transfer some items in small containers to save space. After all, that’s what backpacking is all about—traveling with just one backpack in tow.
  1. Prepare a budget. Once you’ve pinned down where you want to go, plan your trip with your budget in mind. It’s hard to be constrained with money, so it’s important to track your expenses when on the road. If you do find yourself short on cash, you can always rely on Cashalo to supplement your travel fund.
  1. Be aware of your safety. When traveling solo, safety and security should always be your top concern. You have to be extra mindful when walking around. Keep your family and close friends updated regarding your whereabouts so they don’t worry too much. Send them your hotel accommodation’s details and contact number. This helps them know who to reach out to in case you can’t be contacted.
  1. Take care of your valuables. Always keep an eye on your valuables. Be alert and aware of the local scams to know what to watch out for. Secure your belongings in an anti-theft backpack to steer clear of pickpockets and if possible, carry your bag in front of you.
  1. Prepare yourself for things out of your control. No one can prepare you for things you can’t control. So it’s best to be prepared of such circumstances. Your backpack straps snapped and broke? Good thing you have an emergency fund for a new backpack. Hiked up a mountain but too weak to come back down? Your extra energy bars can give you or your fellow hikers a quick boost.


Once you start your solo backpacking journey, you’ll surely get hooked and you’ll find yourself planning more adventures. Each time you go, you’ll never return as the same person because, with each journey, you learn more about yourself, the destination, and its people.

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